After experiencing my first session with April, it was clear to me that not only had I never been touched in a non-sexual, non-medically invasive way in my life, but that I had never touched myself that way either. Gentleness and open curiousity was never modeled to me so I never knew how.  I wish every woman and girl knew how to explore and touch themselves in this way.  I think it would create an entirely different pathway and relationship to our vaginas and pelvic bowls.
--Jenn, Physical Therapy client, Winter 2017

April got me back on my feet again and on the road to recovery. An early-term cesarean after four weeks of bed rest left me with limited mobility and unable to lift my baby even three months post surgery. After just half way through sessions with April I was already able to get up from a seated position, feeling less vulnerable and able to 'wear' my infant. I attribute my quick turn around to her intuition, deep knowledge of the physical/mental/spiritual connection, compassion and personalized care. I'm so grateful for finding her so I can be the able mom I want to be.
--Lisa Tiedt, Physical Therapy client Summer 2016

After I broke my ankle near the end of my pregnancy, my childbirth instructor Penny Simkin referred me to April, because she is simply the best in women's health PT.  April responded right away to my desperate email (on a Saturday), and made herself available to me immediately.  She came to my home for our sessions, because my injury prevented me from driving or walking up stairs.  She is a born healer, and an incredibly skilled practitioner, not just in women's health issues!  Her expertise in PT is enhanced by her positive outlook on life and her healing presence.  I am so grateful to April for working her magic and bringing my ankle and leg back from the dead.  If you are injured, do not despair!  Call April and allow her to guide you in your journey back to healthy function.  Don't be surprised if you end up gaining a friend in the process.
--Kaila Tang, Physical Therapy client, Fall 2014

I trust this woman completely.  There is no one I'd rather have by my side during a trying moment, from birthing to working out a pelvic floor issue to massaging my womb.
--Amber Dawn Hallet, client and birth practitioner, Spring 2014

Knowing I was lacking in pelvic floor strength, I was on a quest to get help.  I was referred to April and, from the moment we met, I could tell what a good person she is.  Gentle, patient and absolutely understanding of my concerns.  No one has ever, ever worked with me and helped me to establish what I needed to know.  I wasn't sure what I was in for but I knew what outcome I wanted!  With the boosted confidence April helped me with, I will continue to exercise for the rest of my life.  I consider myself a "work in progress" at this point.  I strongly encourage anyone to seek needed help to build a stronger, more confident, empowered and in-control woman.  April was (is) sincerely one of the best thing I could have done for myself!
--Teresa, Women's Health Physical Therapy client, Spring-Summer 2013

Women's Health PT has helped me in so many ways.  Not only am I physically more comfortable, but I'm kinder to myself and more aware of the strength my body's capable of.  I feel stronger, more graceful and more peaceful every day.  THANK YOU!
--Raleigh, postpartum mother and physical therapy client, Summer 2013

April was our guide into parenthood.  We met her as our childbirth instructor and asked her to be our doula.  We were drawn to her deep level of expertise, her wit and humor, and the evident significance of love, acceptance, and intuition in her life and in her work.  From building our birth plan, to sharing clues that labor was on its way, to the actual childbirth and delivery, she was a confident advocate that birth is a celebration and that we would be ready to be parents.
--Jeanne & David, expectant parents in my Great Starts Childbirth Preparation Class and doula clients, Spring 2009

I thank April for all her support, encouragement, and wisdom. I really can't imagine having to do it without her!
--Doula client's husband & birth partner, Fall 2007

Even though our son's birth didn't follow the plan, it still feels so perfect. Part of why it feels so right was the great team I had around me. I felt such relief when we arrived at the hospital and April was there. I wouldn't change a thing if I had it to do again!
--Doula client, Fall 2007

April is a joy to know. I am so thankful for her efforts to bring our baby happily into the world. I could feel her belief in my ability and I relied on her encouragement and positive energy. It was wonderful to have her to talk through ideas during the pregnancy, hands-on during labor and phone support postpartum. She was sensitive and professional at each and every moment of my labor. I was in transition for several hours and needed to fight the urge to push for some time, so her work was really cut out for her. Together, both she and my husband made this amazing team and I felt so supported and validated with my decisions at various points. When I experienced complications, April was there with me while my husband was able to be with our baby.  Without her, that part of the birth would have been traumatic for me. Instead, I treasure the memory of my birth.
expectant mother in my Great Starts Childbirth Preparation Class and doula client, Spring 2009

I thank April for going on this emotional, spiritual and physical journey with me. Her guidance, support and openness were absolutely key to this beautiful birth. Despite the surgery, this birth felt so whole, my voice so strong, and my path so clear. What a tremendous gift to myself and my daughter and the whole family- as we move forward, together, as a family.
--Doula client, Fall 2005

I am so grateful to have had April as our birth doula.  She was such an integral and dedicated part of the birth process that I have a hard time imagining the experience without her support.  April had been our birthing class teacher, and so when a previously contracted doula was no longer available to attend our birth, I knew that April was the person to call.  My planned home birth involved a transfer to the hospital, many hours of very close contractions and back labor, and finally a short but intense pushing out of the baby.  April was by my side the entire time, working closely with my partner to provide me lower back relief (for what was probably at least six straight hours), and providing me plenty of reassurance and guidance when I needed it.  She has the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, strength, warmth and that certain nurturing quality that makes the difference.  Following the birth, April really helped me work through my emotional response to the birth, and just continued to go above and beyond what I ever imagined.
--Sadie, Doula client and expectant mother in my Homebirth class, Winter 2009

We are extremely thankful to have met April and feel lucky to have had her as our teacher. She was present for us during our baby's birth and her teaching was so important to us during the entire time. She's been a gift to our entire family.
--Expectant parents in my Great Starts Childbirth Preparation Class, 2004

Our birth went better than we ever expected, and we certainly couldn't have done it without April. This birth experience has given me more confidence as a mother and will be with us always.
--Doula client, Spring 2007

We learned from April not only information about the mechanics of childbirth, but also about enriching our own attitudes and appreciation for welcoming new lives into the world. We are grateful for her help in this.
--Doula client of twins, Spring 2006

April never gave up on me. We couldn't have done it (naturally) without her.
--Doula client, Fall 2002

Throughout the years as I watch my son grow, I will always remember her as a friend who helped and guided us through one of the most amazing experiences life has to offer. I will always be grateful.
--Doula client's partner, Summer 2001

My husband was a great birth partner and the techniques from our class were very helpful (THANKS APRIL).  Even though the labor was extreme and we ended up having a hospital birth, the experience was amazing and the hospital staff was amazing. Having this baby has been the greatest experience of our lives and we would do all of this a million times over.
--New mother who attended my homebirth course, Summer 2008

Even though we only were able to go to two (of your childbirth preparation) classes, what we learned with you played a key role in the good health of our baby today.
--New mother who had a premature birth, Great Starts Childbirth Preparation class series, Summer 2008

I credit our CEAS class and our childbirth educator, April Bolding, PT who graciously served as our labor support person for helping us articulate what kind of birth experience we wanted, and I credit the birth center for making that vision a reality.
--Karen Dunne, CEAS (now, Great Starts) Newsletter, Winter 2002