Some insurance companies will reimburse for medical items purchased by the member.  It really depends on what plan you have and what company you get it through.  Some people can submit for reimbursement on say, nursing bras, something that may not be deemed "medically necessary" but is something a breastfeeding mother needs.  Other companies will only reimburse for medically necessary items that may or may not need to be prescribed by a practitioner.  Falling into this category can be compression stockings or garments, sacroiliac belts etc.  Sometimes insurance companies refer to such products as DME or Durable Medical Equipment, which includes wheelchairs, oxygen tanks etc.  

The Phoenix Heart ARISE™ Pelvic Health Program primarily falls under the category of neuromuscular reeducation, and secondarily, therapeutic activities and therapeutic exercise.  All of these translates to billable codes that insurance recognizes.  This program is a therapeutic tool to help you restore and improve pelvic function.  The program is gentle, holistic and integrative, but make no mistake, it is grounded in science, medical training and physical therapy.

Here are links to forms that might be useful to submit for reimbursement.  You always have the (toll-free) number on the back of your insurance card to call for more help.  If your insurance company leads you to another form, I welcome the feedback so I can link the correct one.  If anyone has infomation about reimbursement for medicaid plans, please let me know so I can post this.  You should be able to use your HSA (health savings account) for this.

PremeraRegence, United, Aetna, First Choice, Group Health, Lifewise, Cigna

Here is a list of diagnosis codes that might be useful for these forms:

Stress Urinary Incontinence  N39.3
Pelvic and peroneal pain  R10.2
Painful Pelvic Floor Scar L90.5
Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness  N81.84
Pelvic Floor muscle incoordination R27.9
Bladder prolapse/cystocele  N81.10
Uterine Prolapse  N81.2
Rectal Prolapse/Rectocele  N81.6
Other specified conditions assoc with femal genital organs and menstrual cycle  N94.89
Vulvodynia  N94.81
Vulvar Vestibulitis  N94.810
Lower abdominal pain R10.9
Coccygodynia (tailbone pain) M53.3
Sacroiliac Dysfunction  M99.04
Low Back Pain  M54.5

If your insurance needs a practitioner to prescribe this, then ask your primary care provider, a specialty provider you see or if you are under my care, I can prescribe this.  You will need to submit your receipt showing that you've paid in full.  I suggest that you make a copy of all that you submit and write a contact number on your paperwork so you can follow up after several weeks if you've heard nothing back.

All this is information to empower you.  I don't know what your insurance plans will allow.  I will not be billing this item through insurance but can accept payments from your HSA.